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handmade Japanese jewelry brand SENTE

SENTE (Sentir) means “to feel” in French

Corporate identity

We provide a service which “Feels natural beauty and personal warmth”,

related to things which bring up the fundamental senses of humans, regardless of social values.

Art concept

Sculpture of Light  


It is said that it means “natural beauty” and “hope” with “LUMINE (lumiere)” the French word for “light”.

Also RELIEF has two meanings in French; “Artistic techniques” such as engravings and sculptures and “the warmth of people”.

That is why, like a charm, it is said to “reduce worries” and “calm people down”.

LUMIEF combines the French words LUMINE and RELIEF.

By adding an uneven pattern to glass, we make the world’s only LUMIEF, with shadows reflected by light through the glass.

That is the idea of SENTE, the gentle yet elegant light born out of LUMIEF.

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