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- Optical Glass -

In general, people tend to imagine glass as being easy to break. 

However, optical glass, which uses SENTE, is called “strengthened glass”. It has crystal-like high transparency, is lightweight and extremely difficult to break, and on top of that, easy to repair. 

The production deals with both a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, or propane and oxygen, both mixed in appropriate proportions at approx. 3000℃ flames. 
The glass is crafted by hand, without using any moulds. 

- Gilson Opal -

In 1893, a Japanese person became the first to extract a cultured pearl.

There are many other kinds of gems extracted by people in the world, but the hardest to extract was the opal. 

In the 1950s, a French man named Pierre Gilson became the first person to successfully extract the opal for jewelry use. 

He compounded the same components (quartz) as natural opal, and he waited for it to form naturally in an environment ideal for making opal. That quality is said to be ideal, because like the cultured pearl there are no impurities or damages. 

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